Apple has announced that customers will soon be able to buy an Apple store credit for up to $200 worth of electronics items online at participating Apple retail stores.

This new feature was originally available to iPad Pro owners at the Apple Store, but was made available to everyone on September 29th.

The feature only works for iPad Pro buyers who purchased an iPad Pro or iPad mini from an Apple Retail Store.

As you can see above, you’ll need to make a credit card payment to purchase an iPad Mini or iPad Pro online.

Apple says that the feature is only available for customers who purchased the iPad Pro directly from the Apple Retail Stores.

If you want to purchase the iPad mini or iPad pro, you need to buy it from a participating Apple Retail store.

You can do this from your Apple Pay app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The feature was first introduced at Apple’s keynote in May, but the retailer’s support team is now officially rolling it out to all customers.

The new feature is also available to Apple Pay users in select Apple stores, but Apple is working on an update that will allow you to pay for your purchases with Apple Pay as well.

We’ve contacted Apple for more information on the new feature and will update this article if we hear back.