The iPad Air, which launched in April, had a very bad battery life for a new device.

The iPad Mini was one of the few tablets to receive a battery life boost, but both of those were limited to around four hours.

The Air’s 12 hours of battery life was the lowest it had been since the iPhone 6s Plus was released.

Apple is looking to improve its battery life with the Air, and its new Power Bank, which was announced earlier this month.

It will give users the ability to save battery power and charge the device up with just a couple of taps.

The Power Bank can charge the battery up for an hour, which means that it can charge up to six devices at a time.

Users will also be able to use Power Bank as a way to charge the iPad in the background, so it’s never too late to charge it up.

The new Power Band will also allow users to turn off battery power when charging the iPad or in standby mode.

The power band will work by displaying a notification in the notification bar, and also allowing the Power Bank to turn itself off when the Power Band is unplugged.

The device’s new Power Charger also helps users recharge the iPad faster, and will let them charge it at home or in the car.

The latest Apple News app, which is part of the iOS 9.3 update, also includes a new feature that allows users to use their own Apple IDs for payments.

Apple Pay works with credit cards, and Apple Pay has been able to charge users in the past with an iPhone, but that wasn’t possible with the iPad.

The company is introducing new payment methods that are compatible with both Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, including Apple Pay Plus and Apple Credit, and it’s also adding new payments types to the app.

Apple Wallet also supports Apple Pay on the iPad, and the new app is set to work with both the iPad and iPhone.

It’s not yet clear how long the new payments will take to arrive on the app, but it will be possible to use Apple Pay for up to five payments at a stretch.

Apple has also rolled out support for other payment options, including PayPal, Square, Venmo, and Paytm.

It was not immediately clear when Apple Pay would be available in the U.S., but it’s not clear how many of its apps will be updated for Apple Pay this year.