A $150,000 battery that has been causing trouble for thousands of Australian families is finally dead.

Key points:The battery has been storing electricity for decadesThe batteries have caused havoc with power outages, causing people to panic and lose belongingsThe batteries were supposed to be a way to help people who are out of work and who may be without powerA Queensland woman said she was shocked to learn that she and her partner had lost their battery that was due to expire in three monthsThe battery was bought in 2008 from an overseas company that makes electrical equipment.

It was supposed to last for a long time and it was designed to help power households with intermittent electricity supply.

But now, it has been collecting dust for years, according to the company.

The batteries are not only storing electricity but also a battery charger, which can be plugged into a wall outlet.

The company has told ABC News it is trying to make the batteries obsolete.

“We want to be able to get out of this situation and replace them,” the company’s managing director David Rennie said.

“It is important that we do it right, and it is important for people to be aware of the risks associated with batteries.”

“I was shocked and shocked and just want to get it out of here as quickly as possible,” said Fiona Wills.

“The batteries will never last another three months and the batteries are in the process of being replaced.”‘

It was the right thing to do’The company said it would be replacing the batteries with a battery of a better quality.

“At the moment, the battery is in the factory and we are doing some research to try and find the best battery for the situation,” Mr Renn, from the company, said.

He said the battery had been in service for more than a decade and was being replaced every three months.

“This is the right decision to make.

We will keep looking at the batteries to try to get the best possible battery that will last for longer,” Mr Wills said.’

The battery is the worst thing I’ve ever seen’The batteries used by a Queensland woman and her husband to power their home are being stored for three months, it was reported.

But the battery has started to collect dust for several years and it’s causing havoc with electricity outages and people to lose their belongings.

“I’ve lost everything that I have and it will take me a long, long time to get back up and running,” Fiona Wines said.

The couple have been out of the house for two weeks now because they cannot keep up with the daily grid of electricity.

“There’s just been so many bills to pay and it just makes it worse,” Fiona said.

Ms Wines has already lost everything she has bought to get her home running.

“Every night, I have to wake up to find it’s empty,” she said.

She and her family have had to turn to a range of suppliers to try out the battery charger and it costs $150 a day.

“They’ve got to put it in, and I can’t have that,” she added.

“My house has got so much stuff in it, it’s like a huge warehouse.”

You just have to get a new battery for every room.

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