The best way to get an Android smartphone off your phone’s hard drive is to delete the data, according to a new app.

The app, called Snappy, is designed to delete data from the device and restore it to your computer or phone in just a few minutes.

“Snappy will automatically delete all your files and folders from your phone and restore them to your PC in just minutes,” the developers said in a press release.

Snappy also includes an offline backup feature so that you can restore your phone to a location where it can be accessed from.

“After Snappy restores your phone, you can backup your data with the free Snappy app, and the backup file can be used as your backup in the future,” the app states.

The only catch is that it will only work on Android smartphones with a microSD card slot and a micro HDMI cable.

Snaps up and down on your phone while you’re using the app?

Just tap and hold your phone for about a second to switch it off and on.

You’ll see a blue progress bar that appears after the app has finished syncing your phone with your PC.

The Snappy developers did not specify how long the app will take to sync data, or how long it will take for the app to delete all of your data from your device.

You can also view your phone by holding it against the dock on your desk or any surface that is comfortable.

“We think it’s a great app, but we also want to keep it as easy as possible,” Snappy developer James Wilson said in the release.

The startup is launching a free version of Snappy that will let you restore your data and delete files.

You should have the app working by the end of next week.

The free version will also let you delete data and folders and save it to the cloud.

Snappy is available now for $0.99 from the developer’s website.