Hacker News has just released its 2017 Intelligence Report, which ranks the world’s intelligence communities, the countries with the largest spy agencies, and what they’re buying and selling.

Read on for our take on the report, including some of our favorite spy stories.1.

The US intelligence community buys spy electronic devicesThe US intelligence agencies have a lot of money, and they spend it on a lot more things than you might think.

The NSA, for example, has over $1.7 trillion in assets, according to a recent presentation from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

This spending can be seen in its purchase of various types of electronic devices, such as spy electronics, surveillance drones, and satellites.

In addition to spy electronic gadgets, the US government also buys spy drones and surveillance satellites.2.

The CIA spends millions on spy electronicsThe US military has an enormous amount of equipment in its inventory.

The Department of Defense spent $2.5 billion on spy electronic equipment last year.

Other US military agencies, like the Navy, spend $1 billion on spying equipment each year.

The Air Force spends $1 million per year on spy devices, and the Marine Corps has a whopping $1 trillion worth.3.

The German intelligence agency buys spy electronicsA large part of the German intelligence services’ budget is spent on spying gear, including spy electronic, satellite tracking, and surveillance drones.

The agency also buys drones, surveillance cameras, and other spy equipment.4.

Russia spends $400 million a year on spying and surveillance gadgetsRussia’s spy agency, the FSB, spends $450 million on spying electronic devices each year, according a presentation from former intelligence officer Igor Sechin, who is now a top Russian intelligence official.

Russia has an estimated total of $3.5 trillion worth of spy gadgets.5.

France spends $500 million on spy gadgetsThe French spy agency has over 2,000 spy electronic and satellite tracking devices, according the 2015 report by the National Intelligence Council.

In 2016, the French spent $250 million on surveillance devices.6.

Israel spends $250,000 on spy gearThe Israeli military spends $125 million per month on surveillance equipment, according documents published by Israel’s Channel 10 News in 2015.7.

Russia’s spy agencies buy spy electronicsAt least six Russian spy agencies purchase spy electronic gear each year: the FANC, the BOR, the KGB, the Federal Security Service (FSB), and the FSK.8.

China buys spy hardwareChina spends over $400 billion annually on spy hardware, according government documents published in 2016 by the US Department of Justice.9.

France buys spy gadgetsFrance’s spy chief, Pierre Fillon, was named France’s spy of the year in 2016, when he was named the country’s spy, according reports.10.

India buys spy gearIndia’s spy chiefs have been buying spy electronics and spy spy drones since 2007, according information from the National Security Archive.

The Indian spy agency buys surveillance equipment in addition to the spy electronic weapons.11.

Russia sells spy electronics to the USThe US government bought a fleet of spy electronic spying devices in 2018 from the Russian state-owned arms manufacturer, Almaz-Antey.

According to an article published by The Guardian in 2018, the Russian government also purchased spy drones, satellite surveillance equipment and spy drone technology.12.

The UK’s spyware purchases are so large that the UK has its own intelligence agencyThe UK has the largest budget for intelligence purchases in the world, according intelligence sources quoted by the Telegraph.

The £40 billion (US$61 billion) annual budget of the Office for National Statistics and its intelligence agencies are funded by the UK’s intelligence agencies.

The Intelligence and Security Committee in the UK oversees the agency’s spending, and it receives funding from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.13.

Russia and China sell spy electronics The US and Russia have been selling surveillance equipment to each other since 2006, when the US and China both bought spy electronic surveillance systems, according The Guardian.

In 2018, both China and Russia sold spy electronic spy systems to the UK.14.

China’s spy technology is so advanced that the US is buying itThe US has its spy technology on par with those of Russia, Russia, and China, according one intelligence source cited by The New York Times.

In 2017, the Pentagon reportedly spent $1,600 per person on spy equipment, a figure that would be a lot higher today.15.

The EU has a spy agency The European Union has a massive amount of spying hardware and spy electronic intelligence, according European Parliament sources quoted in The Guardian’s article.

The European Parliament spent about €50 billion (about $67 billion) in 2017 on intelligence and surveillance equipment.16.

US spy equipment has been used in some of the biggest crimesThe US spends over a billion dollars each year on espionage, according US intelligence officials.

According the 2016 report by former CIA director John Brennan, the CIA spent $200 billion on espionage