CHINA’S electronic items could have been responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in a Chinese city that investigators have said was inspired by a hit-or-miss hit on American movies.

The murder-for-hire case of the young woman in the city of Wuhan, about 20 kilometres east of Shanghai, has put police on alert as to what may have inspired the attack.

Police have identified a suspect as 26-year-old Xie Zhiying, a former Chinese-language TV personality and the owner of a Chinese electronics and internet company, and a hit man who had apparently killed someone.

The young woman was killed by the hit man after he pulled her over at a intersection near a mall in the Wuhans main shopping district.

Police said they were looking for the hitman, whose face and name were withheld by police until the suspect was identified and charged.

Xie is a former TV personality with a history of serious mental health problems, the provincial legislature’s intelligence committee said in a statement Tuesday.

A woman wearing a green jacket and sunglasses walks past an advertisement for the electronics company at a store in Wuhanzhong in Wuzhen province, China, on Dec. 19, 2017.

(Li Jianhua/Reuters)The case comes amid an intensifying debate in China over the use of social media, including social media platforms like Sina Weibo, which is run by state-owned Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., to disseminate information.

China’s top court has issued an order for all Chinese social media users to turn over their personal information and block any websites deemed to be an echo chamber for the country’s political dissidents.

According to court documents, police said they had been tipped off to Xie’s killing about three weeks ago when he allegedly drove a stolen truck into pedestrians and ran over a woman and her son.

Investigators say Xie had been using a Chinese-owned company, Wuqiang Group, to make and sell counterfeit goods on the Weibo platform.

He allegedly was also suspected of running a hit for hire for the Chinese-based television personality Xu Zhijun, the court papers said.

After the killing, Wu was arrested on Feb. 26.

The police had said they believed he was the intended target of the hit.

The man was detained again on Feb 10, after a police search turned up a dead body in the apartment.

Wu had been living in the flat where the body was found, the police said.

Police did not say if the body belonged to Wu.

He had worked as a hitman in the past, but it was not clear whether he had been paid or whether his work had been a part of a hit.

Authorities were also investigating whether a third person, who was not identified, had been involved in the killing.