The new iPhone 7 has an OLED display, a glass frame, and a glass back, according to a new review by CNET.

It also has an upgraded camera, wireless charging, and new features like the faster camera (which was not in the original iPhone 7).

And, of course, it has a faster processor.

If you’re looking for a better value for your money, check out our top picks for best smartphones for under $1,000.

Read moreThe Apple iPhone 7 starts at $1.3999 and goes up to $1 (or $0.99) for the iPhone 7 Plus.

That’s a significant price difference, and it’s why CNET’s Michael Pachter and Kevin Clements have both picked it as the best new smartphone.

We’ve also compared it to some of our other favorite smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7.

Here are the details of their reviews:Apple iPhone 7 Review: OLED display and glass frame for an upgrade over the originaliPhone 7 Review