A former Microsoft engineer has written an op-ed in The New York Times suggesting that the only way for any business to prosper is to have a highly skilled workforce.

In his op-eds, James Damore and his wife, Anna, note that while their son has gone on to pursue a law degree, he has yet to find a position at his current employer.

He said: ‘It’s hard to get into an engineering job without a college degree.

If you do find one, it can be a difficult one.

It’s not just a matter of getting a degree, it’s also getting the right background, which is a big part of being successful at a company.’

Damore, who has been fired from Microsoft, has been a vocal critic of diversity and inclusion policies at the company.

The executive’s memo, published on Wednesday, was the first of many written by tech leaders who have called for change in the workplace.

The company has not commented on Damore’s dismissal.

The Times editorial board, which also includes columnist Mark Bittman, called on the US government to do more to help businesses hire more women and minorities.’

I don’t think this is about the best interests of women or minorities,’ Bittmann wrote.

‘This is about a culture of exclusion and discrimination.

I want to see a society that embraces the diversity that we are creating.’

A senior Microsoft executive told the Times that the tech giant was ‘looking to hire as many women as possible and that we will continue to hire at a higher rate than we do now’.