By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon is working on an Amazon Echo, a smart speaker, and a smart watch.

But it seems that the big question is when will these products arrive?

Amazon’s VP of Home and Alexa, Paul Thurrott, recently told TechCrunch that there’s no rush.

The company is working “very hard to build smart devices that will make it easier for our customers to access our services, and also to simplify our own products.”

Amazon is currently developing a “smart” home that it says will be available “in the second half of the year.”

There’s no word yet on when this smart home will ship.

The Echo, the smart speaker and the smart watch all use Amazon Alexa technology.

Amazon’s Alexa technology will help the Echo and Echo Dot automate tasks, such as reading your favorite books or movies.

Amazon says the Echo can tell when you’ve finished watching a movie and can show you the time when you get home from work.

But Thurrot said that it will also be able to show you notifications from your Amazon Alexa devices.

Amazon is also working on smart home hubs for the Echo, Alexa, and Echo Spot.

It says that these hubs will “enable smart home devices to communicate with each other.”

Thurrots also said that the company is “developing the Smart Home Hub” for the Dot.

Amazon also released a video today showing off its “connected smart home” hub.

You can watch the video here: