Romei, Italy – The fifth-generation iota car was one of the most sought after vehicles at this year’s AutoPacific Auto show in Rome.

Its 4,000-mile range, the fact that it’s powered by a two-cylinder engine and the fact it was the first electric car in Italy to be marketed by the iota brand, made it the clear winner.

This is the fifth edition of the show and, for the first time, it’s held in Rome, where it sold out in minutes.

Iota cars are being sold in China and the United States, and the company, based in Rome is currently selling its first iota cars for $10,000 each.

“I think we achieved something that we had never achieved before,” said Gianni Palazzo, the company’s president.

The iota is a hybrid vehicle which means the car will be equipped with a gasoline engine and electric motor.

It can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and will be able to go from 0 to 60 in three.5 seconds.

It is one of only a few electric cars to be launched in Italy, and its popularity has made it an attractive option for car dealers.

While Iota is selling its cars for an estimated $10-12,000 per car, most dealers charge dealers around $8,000 for the car, said Andrea Mancini, president of the Automobile Club of Italy, a trade group.

Unlike some of the other top-selling electric cars in the world, the iotec is not only more fuel-efficient but also quieter, Mancino said.

Although the ioto car is now more popular than the iotos, the sales figures for the iutec are expected to fall.

It is not clear if the decline is due to the introduction of the i-port, which is a new version of the combustion engine.

There are now 2,000 electric vehicles on the roads in Italy. 

“We have an advantage in that we are able to offer this technology for the whole family,” Palazzio said.

“We can offer the iuota car for the price that the iots cost, but the price will not change,” he added.

Electric cars were popular during the recession, but have become a major part of the European car market.

In Germany, which has one of Europe’s lowest gas prices, electric cars are now more common than petrol ones.

According to the German Association of Automobile Manufacturers, there are now almost 50,000 cars on German roads with electric motors.

At the AutoPacific show, Iota was showcased with an iota badge and an iotac badge, the first in Italy since 2009.

Palazzo said he has already ordered another 5,000 iotas.

The new iota will go on sale in Germany next month.

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