Electronic items are a new trend in the digital age.

And while we may not always think of them that way, there are a whole host of innovative items that are currently available on the market that are made by a computer.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest items on the block.


Panda is a Computer with a Computerized Voice and Voice-activated Remote2.

Panda has an Amazon Alexa App for Free3.

The iPhone app for Alexa allows you to control a Panda using your voice4.

Panda lets you listen to your own voice with a 3-D audio visualization of the scene5.

Pandora lets you stream your favorite music from Pandora to your device6.

Amazon Prime members can purchase Panda for $29.997.

The popular Apple TV app for Roku allows you control your Roku TV using your smartphone8.

Roku’s Alexa Voice Remote lets you control the Roku remote9.

Google Assistant is a voice-activated, home automation service that can respond to your questions10.

A $20 Echo Dot will let you control a variety of smart home devices and smart home products.