A massive arcade cabinet that sells for more than $1 million at auction may be a real estate deal gone wrong.

The auction house, which lists the $1,000,000 arcade cabinet for sale on eBay, is listing it as an “electronic item,” which is a type of electronic item that does not require a physical object to function.

The cabinet is listed as being built by Electronic Arts in 1998.

In an email to IGN, an Electronic Arts rep told us, “The auction is a real life auction where items are sold and the buyer does not need to know the seller to bid.”

We’ve reached out to EA and will update if we hear back.

We contacted EA and were told they were unable to comment.EA is a company that has been trying to get back into the video game market with the launch of the Star Wars Battlefront and Madden NFL 17 franchises, as well as its upcoming EA Sports UFC game.

It is also working on its own virtual reality headset.