Electronic items are a hot topic for the consumer electronics industry.

According to an article published by The Associated Press, the electronics industry will be worth $18.7 trillion in 2020, up 9.5% from $18,542 billion in 2021.

While the technology is changing rapidly, the retail business is the largest category of the overall industry.

In 2021, the overall retail business will be valued at $15.8 trillion.

It is estimated that more than $5 trillion in goods and services will be sold in 2020.

The AP story also lists some of the top electronic items that consumers are shopping for in 2020:Apple Watch:The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that features a heart rate sensor that records your heart rate, your activity, and your sleep patterns.

It also allows users to set alarms to track your heart, weight, sleep, and more.

A large number of Apple Watch owners are using the device for fitness and tracking.

Apple Watch costs $349, which includes an 18-month subscription to HealthKit.

Samsung Gear Live:The Samsung Gear live app gives you access to a live weather forecast, traffic updates, and other helpful information, all in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

It features voice commands to answer questions and sync the information.

The app is free.

Microsoft Band: The Microsoft Band is a wireless Bluetooth-enabled smart band that uses a small radio to send and receive information and send messages.

Microsoft’s Band is available in two sizes, the Band 2 and Band 3.

The Band 2 has an average price of $129.99, while the Band 3 has an approximate retail price of just $139.99.

Samsung Gear Live on the Apple Watch: The Samsung Gear is a Bluetooth-connected smart band with a speaker and microphone.

It can also be used as a music player, camera, or other device.

It has a price of around $149.99 and the Samsung Gear 2 has a suggested retail price for the Band of around the same price.

Apple’s Watch: While the AppleWatch does not have a heart-rate sensor, Apple offers an additional functionality for the Apple watch that it is not available in the Applewatch.

Users can read their heart rate and sleep patterns, and can set alarms and check alerts.

Microsoft is not making this feature available to Apple customers.

Microsoft Gear Live is available on the Microsoft Band 2 as well.

The Microsoft Gear Live app is available for download on the Windows 10 Mobile platform and available for Apple Watch.

Amazon Alexa:Amazon’s Alexa app is a voice-activated assistant that can be used to control the devices in your home.

The Amazon Alexa app can be purchased for $10.99 on Windows 10 and the Amazon Alexa App for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Cortana is also available for $11.99 for Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

The Amazon Echo is also a device that can control the Echo device, but it does not allow you to ask the device questions.

Amazon has recently announced a new device called the Echo Dot, which is the first to include Alexa.

Microsoft has announced the first device to incorporate the Cortana voice assistant, and it is called Cortana for Windows.

Microsoft has released a new smart speaker for the Microsoft Lumia line of devices.

The Cortana speaker is available as a $149 purchase and includes an Alexa-enabled microphone.

Microsoft also released a pair of speakers for the Surface line of products.

The Surface Pro 4 has the ability to turn on and off the Cortana speaker.

Microsoft recently released the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which has a new Cortana speaker with voice recognition.

Microsoft recently launched a new wireless speaker for Windows devices.

This wireless speaker can control both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, but does not include a microphone.

The Bluetooth wireless speaker will also work with other Windows devices, but will not come with a microphone, either.

Microsoft also released the HoloLens headset, which can act as a HoloLens-like virtual-reality headset.

HoloLens has received some buzz as an emerging technology that can allow users to take photos, record video, and interact with virtual environments.

Microsoft announced a pair that includes a new HoloLens app that allows users the ability in order to interact with holograms, and the Microsoft HoloLens Experience.

Microsoft announced a HoloFi wireless speaker that can act like a HoloGlass-like headset.

The HoloFi speaker can be connected to Windows 10 PC and HoloLens experiences and the HoloFi Experience for Xbox One.

Microsoft plans to release a new Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth LE to the Windows lineup in 2019.

Microsoft HoloFi is available with the Microsoft Xbox One in a bundle for $499.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio line of Windows 10 devices is a gaming platform with Windows 10 Pro, Pro x2, and Ultimate edition.

Microsoft launched a Surface Studio Pro in June.

Microsoft released the Surface Studio and the Surface Pro, and has recently released a Surface