By now you know the Switch Pro controller has been out for a while.

It’s an interesting design and a decent controller, but it’s still far from a true pro controller.

While the Switch controller is a step up over the old ones, it’s not quite a perfect fit for the modern gamer.

This article explores how to add some extra functionality to the Switch pro controller, and then give it a better fit for your gaming needs.

Pros Great for gaming Cons Only has two buttons on the right side.

Not much to itCons Just enough space for two Joy-Cons.

Pros The Joy-Con controllers can be used together, but the Pro controllers need to be paired separately.

Pros Allows you to connect two JoyCons.

Cons The Pro controllers are limited in size.

Pros Small enough to fit in your pocket Cons Not quite as comfortable as the original Switch controller.

Pros Compact and ergonomic.

Cons No shoulder straps.

Pros An easy way to connect multiple Joy-cons.

Cons It’s only a few inches tall.

Pros It’s a lot of space to fit the Pro controller.

Cons Not a big enough size to use with a thumbstick.

Pros Easily connect two Pro controllers.

Cons A lot of buttons for one joystick.

Pros A big enough controller for many gamers.

Cons Small enough for a thumb stick.

Pros Large enough for many people.

Pros Solid construction.

Cons Expensive.

Pros Comes with a wireless charging pad.

Pros Wireless charging pad makes it super convenient to charge the controller.

It also comes with two wireless USB chargers.

Pros Works with the Pro Controller.

Cons You have to get a wireless charger.

Pros Simple, but useful.

Cons Limited in size and weight.

Pros Not much of an upgrade compared to the original controller.