On Thursday, the Memphis Grizzlies and their owner, Marc Lasry, unveiled a new $1,200 electronic item, the “Kazai.”

The Grizzlies said the item, which is priced at $1.99, is designed to make the team “the most technologically advanced team in the NBA.”

The $1-per-month service, available through and other online retailers, comes with a free USB cable and a rechargeable battery pack that can last up to two years.

The new item, dubbed the “Memphis Jazz” by Lasry and team spokesman Mike Pendergast, has already been downloaded more than 13 million times and sold more than 5.6 million copies in its first week on sale.

In a statement Thursday, Lasry said the “memphis Jazz,” which includes “a variety of unique musical instruments, is a product that is going to be the most technologically sophisticated in the league and is going be a part of our team’s future.”

The new gadget, the first of its kind to be created by Lasray, will be available on Saturday, Nov. 18.

The team said the new device, which costs $29.99 on, will become available through other retailers as well.

The new gadget also comes with an Amazon gift card and includes a free rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

“Memphis is a city of innovation, and our products reflect that,” Lasry wrote in a statement.

“Memories of the early days of the team, the great city of Memphis, and the excitement and excitement of the fans are reflected in our products.

The Kazai is an essential piece of the future of the Grizzlies.”

The team, which won the NBA championship last season, was the first NBA team to launch an electronic item in 2017.

The Grizzlies’ new electronic item will be the first to feature the team’s logo on the back.