Posted March 29, 2018 15:19:58As many as one in four new smartphones and tablets sold worldwide could have USB ports, according to a new report.

The report from research firm IDC says more than one in 10 smartphones, tablets and other digital devices now have USB-C ports.

The research firm said it had examined more than 2.2 million USB-cable devices sold in China between January and June, and that in those devices, one in five devices could also be using USB-D ports.

It found more than 1,000 of those devices could have both USB-A and USB-B ports.IDC also said that more than 30 percent of devices in the US market, about 16 million devices in total, had USB-3 ports, and another 22 percent had USB 3.1.

While USB-M is the standard for USB-H devices, it’s not the standard that is commonly used by consumers.

It’s also not the most common.

While there is still much to learn about USB-E, it seems likely that USB-X will be the standard by 2019, and possibly in 2020.

However, it could be some time before USB-N will be used in consumer devices, according IDC.

In terms of the USB-G, IDC said more than 80 percent of new USB-g devices in China have USB 2.0.IDP, a technology research firm, said it expects the number of USB-L ports to increase by 50 percent to about 2.5 million in 2020, with more than 500 million devices on the market.